Wordpress Contact Form 7 Validation Plugin


Wordpress contact form 7 validation plugin adds validation to each individual field of contact form 7. This validation further helps to control spam by restricting permission to special characters, URL’s and unnecessary words.

Why This Plugin ?

An interesting feature which makes this plugin most opted is that it restricts special characters and restricted words, where all the other available plugin’s of its kind just check basic validation.


  • Gives more faster validation than contact form core validation
  • Controls spam easily through added validation
  • You can now add same single validation for multiple fields
  • Restricts special characters and eliminates the risk of spam
  • Restricts unnecessary words to eliminate the risk of spam
  • Restrict URL’s to eliminate the risk of spam
  • Easy accessibility after installation (just add the class name after the installation of plugin)
  • Error messages can be enabled / disabled via setting’s page @ admin control panel.
  • It also allows fields to be validated for text, text area, email, url, phone number and more.