Wordpress Recent Post Plugin


Wordpress Recent posts plugin is mainly used in word press to display the recent posts along with their thumbnails. The main purpose of this recent posts plug in is to provide quick access to the recent updates. Check SEO presents superior recent post plugin which aims to provide flexibility for displaying most recent posts. You can display the most recent posts on your web page using the widget. This recent posts plugin plays crucial role in showing latest or recent posts in two different areas like as widget in your sidebar and also as short code placed on the posts or themes.

Why This Plugin ?

Check SEO recent posts plugin totally excludes the current post from the recent post list and eliminates repetition. By eliminating the repetition Check SEO recent posts plug in bestows you with the recent and unique results. Whereas all the other plugin’s, will even display the current page which you are viewing in the recent post lists if it is posted recently. Through this word press recent posts plugin you can share the information about most recent updates and posts to the users and can even retain them on your site for longer period.


Check SEO recent posts plug in has several advanced features like

  • Allow you to set title URL- Resent post plugin help you to set title and URL for the latest posts widgets.
  • Display posts by count or random - This provides option for you to decide about the list of posts to be displayed on the widget i.e. you can give the exact count of posts which need to be displayed. It displays posts both by using count and even filters randomly.
  • Display thumbnails, with customizable size - Resent post plugin help you to place the images or thumbnails in desired sizes and alignments. It also allows you to add custom margins to the images. In this plugin you can show or hide thumbnails.
  • Exclude current post in a recent post - The most important and key feature of resent post plugin is removing the current post which users are viewing from the list of recent posts. It displays the other recently updated posts excluding the one which you are viewing and this helps to avoid duplication.
  • Apart from the above features, resent post plugin also comes with other features like custom CSS, better image cropping, post status option, short code feature and display excerpt with customizable option.