Wordpress Visitor IP Tracking Plugin


Wordpress Visitor IP Tracking plugin is a most convenient plugin tool which helps you to find out details about users visiting your website like user IP address, browser details and also details about the pages and posts they have visited. Check SEO offers exclusive Visitor IP Tracking plug in to track information about your sites visitors and details about their browser. This information further helps in maintaining website traffic data. This user IP browser plug in not just collects information but also maintains the user data in database which is created automatically after the activation of plugin.

Why This Plugin ?

Analysing traffic to your site is very important and to do so you need details about the users and their viewed pages which can be achieved through Check SEO user IP browser plug in. The information provided by Check SEO Visitor IP Tracking plug in not only helps to analyse genuine website traffic to your site but also helps to provide data for a recommended post which further helps to enhance performance of your site. One can easily improve the performance of their site by knowing the interests of users and details about the pages they are viewing the most.

Key Features

The most important and key feature of Check SEO user IP browser plug in is dash board menu. This feature allows admin to display user data by giving selected dates at word press left side menu i.e. it provides details about the number of visitors visited a recommended post between selected dates like from date - to date to the admin.